Staying in the Magic: Choosing the Perfect Resort for Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World is filled with pixie dust and magic. And at 27,000 acres of land – that’s a lot of magic! One of the biggest advantages of staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel is that you are surrounded by the magic – but with over 25 different properties to choose from – how do you know which one to choose? To answer that question – let’s look at the 3 “V’s” of picking your resort!

Visitors – who makes up your travel party?

If you know what is most important to the people you are traveling with, it can be a big help in picking the right resort! Is mobility a challenge for anyone in your party? If so, consider a resort that offers monorail or Skyliner access. What is your toddler currently obsessed with? Are they in their “giraffe phase”? Head to Animal Kingdom Lodge, Savanna view so they can see the giraffes every day. Do they love football? Take them to where the game is larger than life at All Star Sports. If chilling by the pool is important for your teens, look at Beach Club where the pool is large enough to help them float away from mom, dad, and annoying siblings!

Value – Budget is an important consideration

But don’t just look at a bottom line number – consider what is included in that price. Things to consider include: the size of the resort, restaurants on site, transportation options, pool and hot tub features, room size, and extra hours. Disney offers 4 classifications of resorts – value, moderate, deluxe and deluxe villas. When you look at your budget you also need to consider which of these options is most important to you. Being able to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your balcony is pretty amazing (particularly if you don’t want to try to fight exit crowds with toddlers in tow!) but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Think a Skyliner resort will be too pricey? Think again! There are 2 value resorts and a moderate resort all on the Skyliner.

Vibe – What are you looking for in a resort?

Do you want bougie? Are you looking for whimsical fun? Are you wishing you could be in the South Pacific instead? No matter which one of those answers you choose – Disney has a resort for you (probably more than one option too!) If you are craving tropical vibes and beach atmosphere – consider Polynesian Village Resort. But maybe your budget isn’t quite that high – Caribbean Beach Resort has you covered. Maybe you are looking for Disney characters that are larger than life – Art of Animation has you covered. Maybe you want to escape to more subtle Disney touches in your room – the Contemporary Resort has Incredible touches of magic without being over the top! The answer is, there isn’t one answer; the magic is, there are tons of options to choose from.

Updated: 10 FEB 2024

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