Animal Kingdom Lodge: A Serene Retreat after a busy Park Day

Dreaming of a Disney vacation that’s both magical and majestic? Look no further than Animal Kingdom Lodge, a breathtaking resort nestled within the heart of Walt Disney World. Here, adventure and relaxation intertwine, offering a unique experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected to the wonders of the wild.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Africa from the moment you arrive. Lush savannas dotted with trees stretch out before you, teeming with exotic wildlife like giraffes, zebras, ankole cattle, bongo, okapi, and more. These animals aren’t just scenery – they’re your neighbors! Enjoy stunning savanna views from your balcony, or take a leisurely stroll along the savanna viewing trails for a truly unforgettable encounter.

Animal Kingdom Lodge isn’t just about the great outdoors. Step inside and be captivated by the intricate African-inspired architecture, with thatched roofs, hand-carved wooden accents, and vibrant murals depicting the beauty of the savanna. The Lodge boasts over 800 pieces of African art throughout its hallways – making it the largest collection of African art outside the continent; including the lobby’s star attraction, a 16-foot tall Igbo Ijele mask. This majestic piece symbolizes wealth, success, and authority in Igbo culture and is truly awe-inspiring.

Embark on a culinary safari without ever leaving the resort. Animal Kingdom Lodge boasts a variety of restaurants that tantalize your taste buds with flavors from around the globe. Savor authentic African cuisine at Boma – Flavors of Africa, featuring a vibrant buffet with live cooking stations. Enjoy a delicious family dinner overlooking the savanna at Sanaa, where African and Indian flavors collide in a symphony of taste (don’t miss the bread service!) Check out Jiko – The Cooking Place for a modern take on African cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients in an upscale restaurant featuring an extensive African wine list.

This isn’t just a resort, it’s an experience. It’s waking up to the melody of exotic birds, gazing at starry skies unmarred by city lights, and feeling the thrill of adventure every time you step outside your room. At Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’ll reconnect with nature, rediscover the wonder of exploration, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to trade in the ordinary for the extraordinary? Consider an escape to Animal Kingdom Lodge, where the magic of Disney meets the wonder of the wild!

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