Cruising is More Fun Together

Grab your friends and hit the gangplank to set sail for fun and adventure with your group. No matter if it is a large family reunion, your annual sorority retreat, or your pickleball league – cruising has something for everyone. Read on to find out why a group cruise could be a perfect vacation solution.
Convenience – No worrying about coordinating hotel space, dining reservations, or worse – figuring out how to split the bill. With a group cruise, each person takes care of payment for their stateroom. And with multiple types of staterooms available you can accommodate everyone’s budget without compromise. Added bonus, your travel consultant can make sure all of your reservations are linked for dining and entertainment, as well as making sure everyone gets their payments in on time!
Destinations – Some of your group wants to visit Barbados while others want to see Puerto Rico; no problem, on a cruise everyone wins. There is no need to choose between Barcelona and Rome – see it all on a cruise! Each port of call has its own unique charms making for more chances to explore together; or argue over which one has been food; Palermo or Cannes.
Time together (or apart) – Part of the beauty of a cruise is that you have tons of opportunities to chill together but you still have the space to do your own thing. Think lounge by the pool with a book while others in your party can head to the spa but of course, you are meeting for 2 pm cocktails.
Great value – Aside from having staterooms at multiple price points, cruising with a group can bring added benefits. Depending on the cruise line you choose and how many staterooms are in your group you may qualify for perks like on-board credits, complimentary cocktail parties for your group, a bottle of wine in every stateroom, or more.
Your Simple Luxuries Travel consultant can help you pick the perfect cruise and then be your personal cruise director to make sure all of your planning is smooth sailing.
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