Making Your Dream Vacation Affordable

Is your dream vacation stuck on a postcard, just out of reach? Globetrotters, rejoice! We know you’re dreaming of faraway horizons, turquoise waters, and adventures that ignite your soul. But sometimes, budgets can feel like a locked gate between you and your dream vacation. Fear not, wanderlust warriors! Here at Simple Luxuries Travel we’re masters of unlocking that gate and turning those postcard pictures into camera roll memories; sending you on unforgettable journeys without breaking the bank.

Here are just a few of the tricks we have up our sleeves to help you make your dream vacation an affordable reality:

Destination expertise and, sometimes, sleuthing: Dreaming of Bora Bora but worried about the price tag? We have a treasure trove of hidden gems and alternative destinations that offer similar experiences at a fraction of the cost. Think turquoise waters in Thailand instead of the Tahitian tropics, or the charming villages of Croatia rather than the tourist-laden towns of Spain. We know where the hidden gems are – affordable destinations bursting with local flavor and unique experiences. 

Calendar magic: Time is money, especially in travel. Once you navigate the maze of peak seasons and shoulder months, it can be easy to find dates that offer the best value for your dream destination. Flying on weekdays, traveling during shoulder seasons, and considering alternative arrival airports can unlock significant savings. Bonus points: traveling in off-peak times means crowds are thin and costs shrink! 

Accommodation Alchemy:  The George V in Paris is an absolutely beautiful hotel. And you can’t go wrong at The Savoy. But you can easily wipe out your entire travel budget at either of these luxury hotels. Look at cozy B&Bs, vacation rentals, and local inns for some fantastic savings while also experiencing the nature and hospitality of your destination.

Transport Tactics: Looking for the best airfare? Early booking, flexible travel dates, and utilizing reward programs are just a few options to get you there without blowing your budget. Once you are in your destination – trains, buses, and ferries become allies in your budget battle; turning the journey into part of the adventure. 

Engineered Experiences: Don’t break the bank at all the tourist traps. Do the walking tours, find the local festivals, explore the neighborhoods. While this isn’t telling you to skip the Louvre, we will tell you to avoid the cafes in the few blocks around it and walk a little farther for better food, at much better prices! Skip the Observation Deck on the Empire State Building but you should definitely wander through Grand Central Station and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Remember, your dream vacation isn’t just a destination, it’s an adventure. The world may be your oyster and we can help you crack it (and tell you that a lovely Cava pairs just as well with it as Dom Perignon)! Let’s craft an unforgettable journey that leaves you with memories, not an empty wallet.

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